Smalltown Lowdown  print and web magazine (www.stldmag.com)  Volume 4, issue 7 - Article on Detroit’s no Drag! Queens of the City exhibit.


Daily Tribune 11 July 2008 article on Detroit’s no Drag! Queens of the City (www.dailytribune.com)


Between the Lines May 29th, 2008  Article on Detroit’s no Drag!  Queens of the City



Strut Magazine Cover - ‘Andrea’


Upfront Magazine (coverage of Windsor, Winter, Women exhibit)


Lance Magazine (coverage of Windsor, Winter, Women exhibit)


Windsor Star (coverage of Windsor, Winter, Women exhibit)


CBC Television interview regarding Windsor, Winter Women exhibit


The New W.I. Television (coverage of marketing campaign of Windsor, Winter, Women exhibit)


On the cover of This Week, a London Free Press weekly magazine which ran an article on the London Home Show where Jurisic had her art displayed.



Life’s Weird Homes on Life Network Television - Episode “Different Strokes” did a story on Nada Jurisic’s personal living space which she calls ‘Living in a State of Art’.



Room Magazine’s Best Of Windsor issue voted Nada Jurisic, Windsor’s best visual artist.


Common Ground Gallery, Windsor - Solo Exhibit: “Unsafe Thoughts”


CBC Windsor interviewed Jurisic regarding her unusual living space and ran it on the local Arts Report.


CBC French Programme - Espace Libre did a programme on Jurisic’s tropical themed living space.


CBC Television Arts - Report on Nada Jurisic’s solo exhibit Unsafe Thoughts.


Windsor Life Magazine - Article on Nada Jurisic’s murals.


Weird Homes - Life Television Network, a peek inside Nada’s personal living space

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