Born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Nada has lived in many Canadian cities such as Vancouver, Lethbridge, London, Ottawa, Toronto, Windsor and also in the U.S. in Los Angeles. Along with being exposed to many different Canadian cultures, she has traveled extensively throughout Europe, South America and the United States. Much of Nada's art is inspired by her many experiences in all these places.

Nada knew she was going to be a painter from the time she was about five years old: “I was fortunate to have come from a family sprinkled with artists on both sides, so everyone deeply understood the need to do one's art and was given the latitude to do so.

Many subjects inspire Nada, but she seems to be most drawn to faces.


Nada Jurišić


Showing at:

Ariana Gallery

119 S Main St

Royal Oak, MI 48067




Acrylic on Canvas

Portraiture and Figurative




Lethbridge, Alberta CA


Years Experience 30

Copyright © 2013


Nada's Work on Exhibit @

Ariana Gallery

119 S. Main Street

Royal Oak, MI 48607